How To Write a Business Plan On Just One PowerPoint: A Free Template

How To Write a Business Plan On Just One PowerPoint: A Free Template

How To Write a Business Plan On Just One PowerPoint: A Free Template
FREE One-Page Business Plan Template for PowerPoint

Business plans are a great way to map out the future of your business and how you can reach your goals. They help you clarify your ideas, set realistic objectives, and identify potential challenges upfront.

A well-written business plan will help you sell your company and attract investors or backers. It’s also crucial to finding funding for new operations and expansion opportunities. A business plan is not just for the big businesses either; even start-ups need to know where they're going and how they’ll get there.


A business plan is a roadmap for your company. It will help you determine where to take your business, what that looks like, and how you’ll get there.

A business plan can also serve as an outline of all the activities and information your company needs to provide investors to entice them to finance your venture or give you money for expansion. In other words, a business plan is your company’s sales pitch—or, more accurately, it’s the main reason why anyone should trust your company enough to hand over their capital investment or trust-based service contract.

A well-written business plan will help you sell your business idea and attract investors or backers. It’s also vital to finding funding for new operations and expansion opportunities.

If you don’t have time to create one from scratch, we have good news: you can start with our FREE PowerPoint template.

Free One-Page Business Plan Template for PowerPoint

What is a Business Plan?

A business plan is a comprehensive document outlining a company's future and its products or services. It is a strategic blueprint for a business venture or expansion. The document outlines the financial forecast, the strategy for marketing and distribution, and the targeted customer base.

A business plan is not a marketing plan. Business plans highlight the strategic and financial aspects of a venture, while marketing plans determine how an idea will be promoted and executed.

Tips for writing a good business plan

Business plans are mainly written for potential investors, lenders, and potential employees.

Avoid jargon

Investors want to read something easy to understand. Jargon may sound impressive, but no one will understand it, so it will confuse the reader.

Avoid using too many numbers.

The business plan is mainly about presenting data, so it is better to use many charts and graphs to make it easier for investors to understand.

You can use a structured writing style.

Structured writing is the preferred style for business plans. It contains the following elements: introduction, overview, strategies, organization, performance, and conclusions.

Could you make sure your plan is actionable?

Business plans should be able to get the reader excited and lead them to take concrete actions in the form of action steps.

Steps and Questions to Write a Business Plan

Define your business

What is the product or service offering?
Who is the targeted audience?
What will customers get from this product or service?

Analyze your industry

What is the current market condition?
What are the competitors’ pricing strategies?
What are the customer demands?
What are the customers’ buying behaviors?
How is the product or service positioned against competitors?
What is the business model?

Create a strategic plan.

What are the goals and milestones for each financial forecast?
What is the business model?
What are the marketing strategies?
Who are the potential customers?
What are their buying behaviors?

Create the financial plan.

What is the profit/loss (p&l) forecast?
What are the costs?
What are the cost drivers?
What are the expenses?
What are the expenses drivers?
What are the key performance indicators?
What are the control measures?
What are the assumptions?

Create the human resources plan.

Who are the stakeholders?
Who are the key players?
What are the challenges?
How will those challenges be addressed?
What are the milestones for each challenge?

Create the product/service development plan.

What are the features/benefits of the product/service?
What are the timelines?
What are the customer feedback/reviews?
Could you tell me the key features to be added/improved are?

Create the marketing plan.

What are the marketing strategies?
Who are the potential customers?
How will they be reached?
What are the advertisements?
What are the promotional activities?
What are the customer service/support channels?

Create the financial analysis plan.

What are the fundamental financial metrics?
What are the assumptions?
What are the key assumptions?
What are the critical economic drivers?
What are the indicators? What are the risks?
What is the sensitivity analysis?

Finally, summarize everything in the one-page business plan template

Summarize the complete business plan in a one-page document.

What to Include in a One-Page Business Plan

A few components are vital to every business plan, no matter what industry or funding stage you’re seeking.

You immediately want to grab the reader’s attention in the one-page business plan. This is your one-two-punch pitch: On one page, tell them what you’re trying to achieve and how you will do it. Our one-page business plan template includes:

Problem to Solve

Problem statement - Which problem are you trying to solve? Identifying and having a good understanding of the problem is crucial before you get started on your business.

Mission & Vision

Could you explain the purpose and direction of your business?

Market Analysis

Could you explain the attractiveness and the dynamics of the market?

Competitor Analysis

Could you identify the main competitors to determine their strengths and weaknesses?

Customer Segments

Could you explain to the customer groups or businesses that you aim to sell your products or services?

Marketing Strategy

Detail the strategy to market the products or services to customers.

Business Structure

Could you explain to me the entity you want to form and the organizational setup?

Key Financials

Summary of the critical financial information and financial projections for the future

Of course, there are different types of information and content to explain your business plan in a one-page form. You can adjust the categories to your needs. Our PowerPoint template is fully editable.

You aim to provide or pitch information management, and investors must decide on your company. You don’t want to overwhelm them with unnecessary details or make them work too hard to find the information they need.

A sample one-page business plan template

If you’re still having trouble combining all these components into one document, don’t worry.

We’ve developed a great template that offers all the standard business plan components and an outline for filling them in. This free PowerPoint template is 100% editable.

A sample one-page business plan template

Why should you write your business plan in PowerPoint?

If you’re writing your business plan on PowerPoint, you can mix your text and bullet points to create a visual presentation. This is an excellent way to break down some of the more significant components in your business plan, like the company overview or marketing plan.

Yet, PowerPoint presentations are challenging to distribute, and if you want to share your business plan with others, you’ll need to convert it to PDF.

How do you write a business plan for one page?

What should I include in a one-page business plan? Describe the issues your business and product will address, the state of the industry, your target audience, the critical facts about your business, your launch plan, how you will sell your product, the financial plan, how much investment you need, and why now is the right time to start.

Summing up

A business plan is a crucial part of any company’s growth strategy. It can help you secure funding, attract investors, and attract potential employees.

It’s also a great way to organize your thoughts and set goals for your company's future. We’ve found some free templates to help you get started, and we’ve also provided a few tips for keeping your business plan short, clear, and compelling.

This one-page business plan template is perfect for anyone who wants to start a business but needs more funds to hire a professional to create a plan. It's 100% free, fully editable, and includes a free PowerPoint template for easily creating a professional-looking presentation. So what are you waiting for?

Get started on your business presentation today with this free business plan template!

One-Page Business Plan Template 

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