How to give feedback, the Netflix way.

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How to give feedback, the Netflix way.
How to give feedback, the Netflix way - 10 easy steps to improve your feedback culture

So, you want to learn how to give feedback like the Netflix gurus? Great choice!

At Netflix, they have this fantastic culture of candid and effective feedback that keeps their teams rocking and rolling.

How do we give feedback the Netflix way?

To give feedback the Netflix way, be radically candid, provide context, focus on future improvements, and use the feedback sandwich technique.

Encourage open communication, time your feedback well, engage in dialogue, adopt a coaching mindset, tailor your approach, and celebrate progress.

Here's how you can give feedback, the Netflix way, in just 10 simple steps:

How you can give feedback, the Netflix way - 10 principles

🎯 Keep it Radical and Candid: It's important to be honest and direct when giving feedback. Don't beat around the bush or sugarcoat things. Be specific about what needs improvement and explain why it matters. Remember, the goal is to help your team grow and improve, not to make them feel bad.

🏄‍♀️ Ride the Wave of Context: Before diving into the feedback, make sure the recipient understands the context. Share some background info, and explain how the situation or behavior impacted the team or project. This helps set the stage and ensures the feedback feels relevant and meaningful.

🌈 Focus on the Future: Avoid dwelling on past mistakes – that's water under the bridge. Instead, discuss actionable steps the person can take to improve in the future. Please encourage them to be solution-oriented and brainstorm ideas together. This way, your feedback feels constructive and empowering.

🤗 Embrace the Feedback Sandwich: The feedback sandwich is a tried-and-true technique that makes feedback easier to digest. Start with something positive (the top slice of bread), then delve into the areas of improvement (the filling), and finally, end on a high note by reiterating their strengths or potential (the bottom slice of bread). This approach helps maintain morale and shows that you genuinely care about their growth.

🗣️ Encourage a Culture of Openness: At Netflix, they believe that open communication is key to their success. Foster a culture where feedback is not only welcomed but actively sought after. This encourages everyone to participate in honest conversations, helping your team to learn, grow, and adapt continually.

How you can give feedback, the Netflix way - 10 principles

🎡 Timing is Everything: Choose the right moment to deliver your feedback. Ideally, it should be given as close to the event or behavior as possible so it's fresh in everyone's mind. Also, consider the recipient's emotional state – it's best to avoid giving feedback when overwhelmed or stressed.

🤝 Make it a Two-Way Street: Effective feedback isn't just about talking – it's about listening, too. Encourage the recipient to share their thoughts and feelings about the situation. This shows that you value their perspective and fosters a sense of collaboration. Plus, you might learn something new in the process!

👩‍🏫 Be a Coach, Not a Judge: Adopt a coaching mindset when giving feedback. This means focusing on helping the person to develop and improve rather than judging their past actions. Ask open-ended questions to guide them towards self-reflection and inspire them to find solutions.

🔍 Tailor Your Approach: Remember that everyone is different – what works for one person might not work for another. Get to know your team members and adapt your feedback style to suit their needs and preferences. Some people might respond better to written feedback, while others prefer a face-to-face chat.

🌟 Celebrate Progress: Lastly, don't forget to acknowledge and celebrate improvements! Recognizing your team's hard work and progress boosts morale and reinforces the value of giving and receiving feedback.

And there you have it! Following these 10 steps, you'll give feedback like a Netflix pro in no time.

Feedback is a gift, so be generous, honest, and kind.

Happy feedback-ing! 🎉

How to give feedback, the Netflix way

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