Strategic Partnerships: PowerPoint Evaluation Tool

M&A and Strategic Partnerships - Powerpoint Evaluation Tool

Strategic Partnerships: PowerPoint Evaluation Tool - Strategic Partnerships: PowerPoint Evaluation Tool

M&A initiatives and Strategic Partnerships are an effective way to scale, extend reach and access new technologies, capabilities or markets. They are a vital part of a company’s growth strategy.

Strategic Partnerships typical cover the following deal spectrum:

  • M&A: a full acquisition , merger or majority investment
  • Equity Joint Venture: Majority (50% + X) or Minority (50%-X) Equity JV
  • Minority Investment: Acquisition of a non-controlling stake in a company
  • Alliances: typical a joint R&D, Production or even Co-Marketing cooperation
  • Supplier Agreement - from a strategic supplier relationship to a one-time purchase at arm’s length principle

This tool helps you to prioritize our strategic partnership options and gives a framework for an initial evaluation.

The ability to form strategic and sustainable partnerships is a critical competitive advantage in todays highly competitive market environment.

Knowing your options with all pros and cons is an important first step before you deep dive into specific options.

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Strategic Partnerships Prioritization of your strategic options and initial evaluation I Deal structure Priority Full acquisition / Majority investment Strategic supplier or one-off arms length purchase II Description Initial evaluation M&A (Bold move) Supplier Agreement Equi...

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