Panel Discussion: Free PowerPoint Template

Panel Discussion: Free PowerPoint and Google Slides Template

Panel Discussion: Free PowerPoint Template
Panel Discussion PowerPoint Template


Moderating a panel discussion can be a daunting task. But panel discussions are a great way to bring together people with different viewpoints and opinions to talk about a relevant and important topic.

With our Panel Discussion Template, you can rest assured that you'll have all the tools you need to make the experience memorable for all the right reasons.

This PowerPoint template is perfect for anyone who wants to host a successful panel discussion. It comes with the basic structure to make the experience memorable for all the right reasons.

What is a panel discussion?

A panel discussion, or simply a panel, involves a small group of knowledgeable people gathered to discuss a topic or question in front of an audience.

Typically panels include a moderator who leads the discussion and often includes the audience with questions. The overall goal of a well prepared panel is to be informative and the same time entertaining.

Panel discussions are are useful format for internal as well as external company events.

Panel Discussion Sofa Talk Template

How to moderate a panel discussion

Moderating a panel discussion is an art in itself. It requires a lot of patience and an ability to engage with different personalities. There is no one-size-fits-all approach to leading a successful panel. However, there are a few things that all good moderators should keep in mind.

First and foremost, it is important to set the tone of the discussion. A good moderator will make sure that everyone feels comfortable and has a say. This is especially important in a diverse group like a panel.

It is also important to keep the discussion on track. While it is good to let the panelists speak their minds, a moderator should also make sure that the discussion is headed in the right direction.

Finally, a good moderator should be prepared for anything. There is always the chance that things may get heated or out of hand. A good moderator will be able to defuse the situation and keep the discussion going.

How to organize a panel discussion

Panel discussions are an ideal way to engage a large number of people in a discussion about a specific topic. Panel discussions can be held in person or online, and they are especially suited for highly-charged topics that need to be discussed in a calm and constructive manner.

To organize a panel discussion, determine the purpose of the event and what the attendees are expecting to learn. When you know what you want to accomplish, it’s easier to plan a successful event. Think about whom to invite and what topics to include in your presentation.

You can also include an agenda that includes topics for each speaker so that each person knows what they will be expected to discuss. Setting up a panel discussion does not have to be difficult or time-consuming, but it does require prior planning and organization.

Lastly, make sure that everyone is comfortable with one another before you start. You don't want participants feeling intimidated or uncomfortable which can lead to them shutting down or not participating at all.

Panel Discussion Agenda Template

How to conduct a virtual panel discussion

A virtual panel discussion (VPD) is an online format facilitated by a moderator. Participants are invited to submit questions for a group of experts to answer. The moderator can then choose which questions to highlight and add them to the discussion.

In a VPD, participants have a say in the direction of the conversation. They can choose what to talk about and when, and can jump into the conversation at any point. This leads to more active participation and can foster deeper learning.

To conduct a successful VPD, it’s important to ask yourself the following questions

  1. How do you want your participants to feel after they participate?
  2. How will you keep them engaged throughout the conversation?
  3. What content do you want to present?
  4. What are your goals for the conversation?
  5. What will success look like?

What is a panel discussion example?

A panel discussion occurs when a group of start up founders host an open discussion on how to found a company and scale it into a unicorn.

What are typical panel discussion topics?

Typical panel discussion topics could be:

  • Solutions for the Environmental Crisis
  • The Crypto Future
  • How to retain key employees
  • AI & Automation
  • Future of Work
  • How to manage a digital transformation?

Panel Discussion Template

in PowerPoint and Google Slides format

Panel Discussion Power Point Template

This slide deck contains three different layouts:

  • standard 5 people layout
  • standard 5 people layout with the central panel question and time
  • special sofa panel layout for more easy going panels.

The pictures of your own panel participants can be inserted into the slides within seconds via the selected placeholder function.

In addition, two agenda slides are included into the slide deck for the preparation of several panel rounds throughout a session or day.

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