Portfolio Management: Free PowerPoint Template

Portfolio Management: Free PowerPoint Template

This template helps you to ensure a long-term profitable growth and market leadership position of all business units or product groups.

This powerpoint template is based on the active portfolio management approach by the leading global technology company ABB. The slides have been presented by the ABB management in their investor presentationm 2019/20.

Active portfolio management is an important strategic tool to evaluate and develop a profitable and sustainable portfolio of business units or division at all levels of an organization. ABB for example continuously questions itself whether they are the best owner of a division or business unit. The portfolio management tool also supports the management to steer the different divisions and business units in line with their strategic mandates.

This template can be applied to systematically evaluate the performance of our portfolio mix of product groups, business units, divisions or shareholdings.

Categories are:

Strategic mandate - fix the structure
• Needs management attention
• Disciplined cost management
• Complexity reduction and efficiency improvments

Profitability - improve margin / return
• Focus on growth to improve scale
• Strategic measures

Growth - high margin / return
• Actively pursue M&A opportunities to fill white-spots and steer our overall portfolio mix towards high-growth sectors.
• Look for regional growth opportunities

This tool or framework gives you guidance and a systematic approach to
• Optimize your portfolio (product, business unit, division, etc)
• Facilitate capacity and resource management
• Ensure continuous monitoring and visibility of the status of your businesses
• Integrate top-down planning and bottom-up execution

The template contains sample data and needs to be adjusted to business needs. All of the templates are 100% editable without any restrictions.

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