Netflix 4A feedback principles: Free PowerPoint Template

Netflix 4A feedback principles: How to give and receive feedback the Netflix way.

Netflix 4A feedback principles: Free PowerPoint Template
Netflix 4A feedback principles

Netflix is an online streaming service company with a distinctive culture. It is one of the most admired tech companies in the world and has been the subject of much study and research since its founding in 1997.

The company’s performance has been outstanding: Netflix’s market capitalization exceeds $100 billion (September 2022), making it one of the world’s most valuable companies. The culture of Netflix has become a critical factor in its success.

This leadership PowerPoint template based on Netflix's 4A feedback principles helps you form an authentic and supportive company culture.

Netflix Culture - Believe in Transparency

Netflix is very transparent in many ways. The company publishes a lot of data about its performance and gives a lot of visibility to how it manages its operations. This extends to the company culture and how it works with people.

For example, at Netflix, employee performance is based on ratings given by colleagues. This can cause employee anxiety, but the company has created a culture that mitigates that anxiety.

During the performance review period, employees are introduced to the other people who work in their areas and are invited to ask questions if they want more visibility into how their colleagues will base their ratings.

What are the 4 A's of Netflix feedback?

The 4 A's of Netflix feedback - Aim to Assist, Make it Actionable, Show Appreciation, and Choose to Accept or Discard - are guidelines to help people give and receive feedback effectively.

The first A, Aim to Assist, emphasizes providing genuinely helpful and constructive feedback. Rather than criticizing someone for pointing out flaws, the goal should be to offer insights and suggestions that will enable the recipient to improve and grow.

The second A, Make it Actionable, stresses providing specific, actionable feedback that the recipient can act upon. Rather than vague or general comments, it's essential to be clear and specific about what needs to be improved and how it can be done.

The third A, Show Appreciation, reminds us to acknowledge and appreciate the recipient's efforts and accomplishments, even if we provide feedback on areas they need to improve. By showing gratitude and recognizing their hard work, we can create a more positive and supportive feedback environment.

The fourth A, Choose to Accept or Discard, recognizes that feedback is ultimately the recipient's decision. While offering helpful and actionable feedback is essential, it's up to the recipient to decide what to do with it. Giving them the freedom to accept or discard the feedback empowers them to take ownership of their growth and development.

Following Netflix's four A's of feedback can create a supportive, helpful, and empowering feedback culture that helps us all grow and improve.

How to give and receive feedback the Netflix way - the 4A principles

People usually need to improve at giving and receiving feedback. However, giving and receiving candid and open feedback is a precious leadership skill. It is a significant cornerstone of an authentic and supportive company culture.

This template shows Netflix’s culture and guidelines on how to give and receive valuable and supportive feedback. It is based on Reed Hastings and Erin Meyers's book “No Rules Rules” or the Netflix company culture deck.

Reed Hastings states, 'a thriving culture is one where members can disagree openly and move forward honestly.'

Reed Hastings's philosophy is embodied in Netflix's 4A feedback framework. Feedback works when it aims to assist (good intention), is actionable, and the recipient is appreciative, open-minded, and free to accept or discard the input.

Netflix's 4A feedback framework

Netflix 4a feedback guidelines. They sum it up in a "4A format."

When giving feedback…

1. Aim to assist

  • Feedback must be given with positive intent.
  • Feedback should be framed on how it can help the individual or the company.
  • Giving feedback to intentionally hurting the person is not tolerated.

2. Actionable

  • Feedback must focus on what the recipient can do differently.
  • It has to be how the receiving person can act.

When receiving feedback…

3. Appreciate

  • Humans naturally become defensive upon hearing criticism.
  • Rather than immediately reacting, the receiver must listen carefully and be open-minded without being defensive or

4. Accept or Discard

  • Listen and consider all feedback, but the receiver is not required to follow it.
  • The decision to react to the feedback is entirely up to the recipient.


Netflix is not the world's most successful online streaming service and the most admired tech company.

Netflix's feedback culture has become a critical factor in its success. Netflix strictly follows its 4A principles: Aim to assist, Actionable, Appreciate, Accept, or Discard.

To apply the feedback principles in your company, download our Netflix 4A feedback template.

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Netflix 4A feedback template

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