McKinsey 7-S Framework: Free PowerPoint Template

McKinsey 7-S Framework: Free PowerPoint Template
McKinsey 7-S Framework (One-pager)

The 7-S Framework by McKinsey is a strategy classic developed back in the 1970s. This framework helps to assess the key #7 internal elements an organization needs to have aligned in order to be successful.

The framework differentiates between hard and soft factors:

Hard factors

Target system and all measures to achieve a sustainable competitive advantage and successfully compete in the market.

The way the business is organized. In short, the organizational chart of the company.

Processes and procedures of the company, including reporting system and IT infrastructure.

Soft factors

Abilities and core competences of the company’s employees.

Type and number of employees of the company. Measures to recruite, train, reward and motivate the staff.

The management style of the company. Culture, how the people interact with each other and the environment

Shared values (Core of the McK 7-S-Model):
Values, norms and standards that apply within the company.

The template can also be used to assess the effectiveness of an organization.

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